Docker Commands

Command Description
docker attach
Attach the shell’s input/output/error stream to the container
docker build
Build a Docker image based on a provided Dockerfile
docker cp
Copy files between container and host
docker exec
Execute a command in a running container
docker images
List image available to your installation of docker
docker info
Display information about the system
docker inspect
Display information about Docker layers, containers, images, etc
docker kill
Forcefully terminate a container
docker logs
Display logs from a container since it last started
docker pause
Pause all processes within a container
docker ps
List information about containers and their resource usage
docker pull
Pull an image from a remote repository into the local registry
docker push
Push an image from the local registry into a remote repository
docker rm
Remove a container
docker rmi
Remove an image from the local repository
docker run
Start a new container and run it
docker search
Search DockerHub for images
docker start
Start a stopped container
docker stop
Stop a running container nicely (wait for container to shut down)
docker tag
Create a tag for an image
docker top
Show running processes of a container
docker unpause
Resume all processes in a paused container
docker version
Show the Docker version

Useful Examples

Starting a container

docker start CONTAINER_NAME

Stopping a running container

docker container stop CONTAINER_NAME

List running containers

docker ps

List all containers

Containers that aren’t running will not show with the ps command so use -a to list them all.

docker ps -a

Stop and remove a container

docker container rm -f CONTAINER_NAME

List local images

Displays useful information about images including size. Docker can quickly eat up your free space so keep an eye on this!

docker image ls

Remove a local image

If you have noticed a few images you no longer need when running docker image ls then you can remove them using this command and free up some space.

docker image rm IMAGE_NAME

Getting bash on a running container

This will give you a command line to work with inside the container.

docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME bash

Getting logs of a running container

docker container logs CONTAINER_NAME

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