Setting up a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

Installing VirtualBox Its nice to have a safe environment to play around with something new, do some testing or work on a project keeping without causing conflicts with others. Using a Virtual Machine keeps everything separated from your host machine so it minimises any risk. A Virtual Machine is an emulation of a computer system, … Continue reading Setting up a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

Show Git Branch in Terminal

PS1 stands for Prompt String 1. It is the one of the prompts available in the Linux/UNIX shell. When you open your terminal, it will display the content defined in the PS1 variable in your bash prompt. We can use this to display the name of the current Git branch in our prompt. The parse_git_branch function … Continue reading Show Git Branch in Terminal

Setting up and using RBENV on macOS

Rbenv is a great tool for setting up Ruby environments. Different applications could require different versions of Ruby and Rails so using Rbenv to manage this makes things a lot easier and ensures pulling your hair out remains at a minimum. Installing Homebrew Homebrew is an excellent package manager for macOS that simplifies installing and … Continue reading Setting up and using RBENV on macOS