Serving a React app from Nginx

I recently created a simple React app for running different tax calculations (still a work in progress) called Calc Mate and decided to deploy it on a Linode instance I have running Nginx. Create a new nginx site configuration file for the react app Create a new configuration file for your application. sudo vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/calc-mate … Continue reading Serving a React app from Nginx


Docker Commands

Command Description docker attach Attach the shell's input/output/error stream to the container docker build Build a Docker image based on a provided Dockerfile docker cp Copy files between container and host docker exec Execute a command in a running container docker images List image available to your installation of docker docker info Display information about … Continue reading Docker Commands

Installing MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Installing MySQL on Ubuntu is very straight forward using the command line package manager Apt. The following steps should be executed from the terminal. Installing MySQL First of all make sure the apt package manager is up to date by running the following command. sudo apt-get update This should just take a few moments and when … Continue reading Installing MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Useful Unix Commands for macOS or Linux

The following commands work on Unix based operating systems such as Linux and macOS and are executed in the terminal. Some of them will also work on the Windows command line but we're focusing on Unix based systems here. Command Description ls Lists the contents of the current directory ls -l Long list including additional … Continue reading Useful Unix Commands for macOS or Linux

Automate Starting Terminal Processes with a Script on macOS/OSX

In larger projects you may have 6 or seven processes running in different terminals. This can be such a pain to setup each time you boot up the system. I use a shell script containing AppleScript to open a new terminal window and then open a new tab and run a command in each. I … Continue reading Automate Starting Terminal Processes with a Script on macOS/OSX

Setup Rbenv, Ruby and Rails on Ubuntu 16.04

If you're still new to Ubuntu I've a post with some useful commands that'll help you navigate and use the terminal! Useful Unix Commands for macOS or Linux Update and install some dependencies apt-get is a package manager command line tool similar to Homebrew on macOS and is used to manage applications on Ubuntu. Lets update … Continue reading Setup Rbenv, Ruby and Rails on Ubuntu 16.04

Show Git Branch in Terminal

PS1 stands for Prompt String 1. It is the one of the prompts available in the Linux/UNIX shell. When you open your terminal, it will display the content defined in the PS1 variable in your bash prompt. We can use this to display the name of the current Git branch in our prompt. The parse_git_branch function … Continue reading Show Git Branch in Terminal