p5.js Seven Digit Segment Clock

p5.js is an amazing JavaScript library that streamlines creating graphical applications in your browser. Learn more at https://p5js.org/ They also have an extremely useful online editor https://editor.p5js.org/ which I used for this example and the link to it will be below. The beautiful clock ResourceURLGithub source code for the displayhttps://github.com/jonathanmeaney/Seven_Segment_Display_Clockp5js editor version of displayhttps://editor.p5js.org/FugQueue/sketches/q8A2REallInspired by … Continue reading p5.js Seven Digit Segment Clock


Useful Unix Commands for macOS or Linux

The following commands work on Unix based operating systems such as Linux and macOS and are executed in the terminal. Some of them will also work on the Windows command line but we're focusing on Unix based systems here. Command Description ls Lists the contents of the current directory ls -l Long list including additional … Continue reading Useful Unix Commands for macOS or Linux